MIC co-star Millie Mackintosh has documented her battle with mastitis after giving birth to her second daughter, Aurelia, ten weeks ago. The anti-inflammatory properties of frozen peas have been recommended by lactation consultants and midwives for decades. In addition to their anti-inflammatory properties, frozen vegetables are also known to relieve the pain of mastitis.

The actress has a unique method to soothe her mastitis pain. She put frozen peas on her nipples, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The practice of covering nipples with frozen peas has been suggested by midwives for decades. She continues to upload videos of her pain and struggles on social media.

A famous celebrity has also turned to the use of frozen peas to help her cope with mastitis. The reality star recently revealed that she was crying and covered her nipples with the frozen vegetables after a bout of mastitis. Many midwives recommend using peas on nipples to help them heal.

The new mom has spoken about her battle with mastitis, a disease of the breast tissue that occurs during breastfeeding. The influencer’s post on Instagram reveals her struggle with the condition, revealing that it had left her in tears, and she was taking antibiotics for it. She also went to a physiotherapist to break down the blockage in her tube.

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The TV personality is now open about her struggle with mastitis. She has opened up about her mastitis to her 1.4 million Instagram followers and has also had to stop breastfeeding for a while after mastitis made her c. She even asked her husband Hugo to try sucking the blockage out.

Thankfully, Millie Mackintosh has been adamant about her struggles with mastitis. It is a common disease in women and causes inflammation of the breast tissue. The TV personality put frozen peas on her breasts after experiencing mastitis and said that the frozen peas helped her to relieve the symptoms.