According to reports, Kanye West has demanded the final cut of his Netflix docu-series. The rapper and entrepreneur has shared his demands on Instagram. Jeen-Yuhs is a three-part doc about the rapper’s life and career. The film features never-before-seen footage and interviews with friends and family.

The rap star has taken to Instagram to demand that he be given final say over his Netflix doc. “Jeen-Yuhs” is a three-part documentary about his 20-year musical career and will premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The director, Coodie Simmons, has revealed that West wants to be in the final cut, which he says is the only way he can make changes.

Despite the demands, the filmmakers did not respond to West’s request for final say. The filmmakers did not reply to the request. But this doesn’t mean the filmmakers aren’t a bit more controlled than they were before. The two sides have reportedly reached an agreement on the release date, and West is demanding that the film be completed as quickly as possible.

The rap star has also asked for the final say on his Netflix documentary. Known for being extremely controlling and meticulous with his image, West is notorious for being demanding. He has already agreed to have a final cut of the film, but he has demanded that he approve it. Regardless of the outcome, he is demanding that the film be watched by a wide audience.

While he is demanding the final say on the movie, the director is not being unreasonable. He has reportedly agreed to let the film’s director decide on the content. This is not the first time that the rapper has demanded the final say, and this time, he has done so without complaint. Unlike previous cases, he reportedly demanded the editing room to be completely transparent.

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The rap star has reportedly been demanding the final cut of the movie for years. He has repeatedly asked to see it before his fans. He has also demanded the final cut and has said that he will only approve the film after it is approved by him. Besides his own will, the rap star is demanding that the film be watched by as many people as possible.

The artist has been demanding that the filmmakers allow him to have the final say on his Netflix documentary. The documentary is due to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and will be available on Netflix in February. Whether or not the director will get his approval is up to the artist. The producer’s decision is the final word. Until then, he is not expected to see the film, but the rapper is asking to give the final approval for the edit.