A close friend of Katie Prices has revealed her plans for a luxury holiday in a month. The reality star will be travelling to Portugal with her boyfriend, Carl, in October. Last November, the couple were seen taking a picture-perfect holiday in the Maldives. The two have been together for five months and have shared several pictures on Instagram. Although the couple aren’t officially together, they have recently become more than friends and the pair have made the trip to the picturesque location.

Carl Price, Katie Price’s fiance, has reportedly decided to take a luxury holiday in the Maldives in 2020. He has tagged the trip as a ‘baby-making holiday’ after his’surgery accident’ left him paralysed from both feet. Ryan Price, meanwhile, has announced that he’ll be joining his girlfriend on the trip. The pair are due to tie the knot in April but haven’t arranged a wedding date yet.

In addition to the Maldives, Katie has been on a series of exotic holidays in recent months, including a luxury trip to Thailand with her boyfriend, Carl. However, her finances haven’t been the best and she has been struggling with mental health issues. In January, she admitted to losing everything, having a ‘bad breakdown’ and spending five weeks in rehab at The Priory.

After breaking both her feet in a skiing accident, the former reality TV host revealed that she’ll be heading on a “baby-making” holiday in the Maldives with her husband, Carl Price. The pair have been spending their time together, tanner than ever, and they’ve already branded it a “baby-making” vacation. Their dream trip has now clashed with Katie’s bankruptcy hearing.

A former reality TV star has reportedly decided to go on a luxury tropical holiday in a month. While the cost of the trip is unknown, the pal claims to be in “a good mood” and will be able to enjoy the trip with her husband and their son. The rumoured luxury getaway will clash with her upcoming court day to defend her sanity.

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A friend of Katie Price’s recently revealed her plans for a luxury tropical holiday in a month. Her friend, Ryan Price, has a broken foot and is on a first-class plane to the Maldives. The couple is hoping to start a family in the next few years, so they have decided to go on a holiday in the Maldives.