On Monday night, Trisha Yearwood appeared on TalkShopLive to announce she had raised $24K for the animal charity Dottie’s Yard. The show featured the singer and two rescue dogs, and the star was joined by her children. Although the full amount of the donations will not be known for some time, it is clear that the star was touched by Betty White’s story and is proud to support the organization.

The country star was unable to make the appearance in person, but her fans were still enthusiastic and she managed to raise the entire $24K goal in just 15 minutes. The star praised her fans for their generosity and pledged to match every dollar donated, up to a total of $10k. “I think Betty White would be so proud,” said Trisha, who shared the story on her Facebook page.

The singer was joined by 2 rescue dogs during her live performance in New York City, Betty and Billy. She talked about Betty’s life and the love she had for pooches. While she hasn’t made a live appearance in the past, the concert’s success may inspire fans to donate to their favorite animal charity. If you’d like to help, you can do so through Dottie’s Yard.

Trisha Yearwood raises $24k for Dottie’s Yard with her new cookbook and a food show. The singer is also a dog lover and has vowed to continue the fundraising campaign on the anniversary of Betty White’s birthday, which is June 22nd. And since it is Betty White’s birthday, the singer also gave out a $10K check to Dottie’s Yard to celebrate the star’s efforts.

The singer’s video message was a touching tribute to the deceased Betty White. Her passion for animals inspired her to give back in her own small way. Her video has gone viral and her friends are donating. It is important to note that people can donate to the animal charity near their home or visit Dottie’s Yard. The star also shared a picture of her favorite charity with the audience.

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The actress has also helped her fellow country stars and friends by hosting a talkshop live show. This is a fundraiser for the animal charity Dottie’s Yard, which is an animal shelter in Nashville. She hosted a fundraiser for the animal rescue during her December 18 show. During the show, she surprised Lauren Alaina with a grand-ole Opry invitation.