JoJo and Dexter Darden are engaged. The actor and singer announced their happiness.

“forever with you? I’m a sign-up,” JoJo gushed in an Instagram post celebrating Christmas on Instagram which she shared several photos and videos celebrating the couple’s special dayand included a closer look at the sparkling engagement ring.

“celebrating Christmas with a whole fiance!! The most thoughtful, imaginative beautiful, positive, beautiful, caring, inspiring human being ever asked for my hand in marriage. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to say YES to him! !” she wrote.

JoJo said, “thank you for the greatest birthday gift ever. And thank you for flying out my mother, your mother, and our two best friends to join us in this amazing time with us. You’re one of us.

“Yupppppp,” Darden, who is Devante Young in the show Peacock’s “Saved by the Bell, posted a comment on the blog post. “thank you for being my forever.”

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The singer who’s trying not to think about It EP dropped on October 1, last week performed at The Miss Universe pageant after returning to the stage for a short tour in the autumn. She’ll return to her tour for the 2022 season.