Pop singer Miley Cyrus is cancelling her Grammys performance after being tested positive for the drug COVID-19. This news was shared on Twitter, where she has 46 million followers. Although she said she was feeling fine, she will miss the Janie’s Fund benefit. The concert in Paraguay was postponed due to bad weather, so it is not clear if Cyrus will perform at the event.

It is unclear what caused Cyrus to pull out of the concert, though fans are hoping for a comeback. However, she told fans that she is fine despite testing positive for the drug. Luckily, she was in good spirits and appeared at the show, which was canceled for now. While she was unable to perform at the concert, she said she will miss some other events. She has also canceled several appearances, including the Grammy Awards viewing party with Steven Tyler.

After announcing that she has tested positive for the drug, Cyrus cancelled the concert and apologised to fans. In the meantime, she told the fans that she was “fine.” After she confirmed her diagnosis, she cancelled a party with Steven Tyler for the Grammy Awards. Fortunately, she has not yet retracted her cancellation. The event was a fundraiser for the Janie’s Fund, which helps children who have been victims of abuse and neglect.

Cyrus has confirmed that she has tested positive for COVID-19. Her public appearances this week have been cancelled. She has been performing for fans and meeting hundreds of fans every night. Fortunately, she will be back in the spotlight in a few weeks, and that will give her the chance to recover quickly. Even though her chances are high, she has decided that it’s worth it. There is a possibility that her health is compromised by the drug, but this is unlikely to affect her life in any way.

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It’s not clear if Cyrus will continue her concerts, but the star has cancelled all her events this week. She has reportedly been diagnosed with the disease with a severe form of cancer, and it has affected her ability to work. The drug has been linked to an increase in cancer-related deaths. The infection has been causing her to miss the Grammy Awards. While this is not a cause of concern, it has certainly impacted her public image.

Cyrus has also cancelled her concerts this week. The star has been touring South America and meeting fans at hotels. Her recent illness has left her unable to perform at the Grammy Awards, but she said she was feeling fine. During the past few weeks, she has played for over a million people every night and met with hundreds of fans every day. This is a very difficult time for a celebrity, but she has a strong support network of fans who wish her well.

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