The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is investigating Will Smith’s alleged involvement in a racist joke. The Academy has also suspended his membership, which will only add to his problems. However, his resignation from the organization doesn’t mean that he won’t continue to produce films. While his resignation will not affect the release of any of his films, it could prevent him from being eligible for future awards.

In addition to his suspension from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Smith has also had several film projects halted. His Netflix project, ‘Fast and Loose’, is said to be among the projects that has been affected. The slap is said to have resulted in the departure of original director David Leitch from the project to direct Universal’s Fall Guy.

In addition to the suspension, Will Smith’s upcoming movie projects have been halted as well. ‘Fast and Loose’ and ‘The Expendables 3’ have both been put on hold by Sony and Netflix. While no final decision has yet been made, rumors continue to circulate regarding the actor’s future. Despite the slap, the Academy and Netflix have decided to suspend or cancel these films.

‘Fast and Loose’, a crime drama about a criminal who loses his memory, is still in production. ‘Emancipation’ is currently in post-production and is expected to be released on Apple TV Plus. Despite the slap, more studios may now distance themselves from the Hollywood star. And although Will Smith apologized on social media, more serious disciplinary actions may still be on the way.

While he’s been hit with a series of slaps from the Oscars, his brand was still untarnished. But this Sunday’s slap has ruined his brand worldwide. ‘Fast and Loose’ starred Smith as a CIA agent with memory loss, and the film was in the process of searching for a director. The Academy slap he received has forced the project to halt production.

As far as his film projects, Netflix has put out a “suspects” call for a new director. The slap, meanwhile, came as no surprise considering Smith’s recent Oscars slap with Chris Rock. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences slapped him with a hand gesture, but the slap was not intended to be physical.

The “King Richard” star’s career has taken a hit after his Academy Awards slap. His Netflix film Fast and Loose director David Leitch moved on to the Ryan Gosling-directed Fall Guy instead. In addition, “Bad Guys 4” was already in pre-production. The Oscar slap prompted both Netflix and the movie’s producer to delay the release date.