Morbius” opened to bad reviews and drew the lowest Rotte Tomatoes score of any Marvel movie so far. The film, which cost $75 million to make, had been expected to earn $50 million in its first weekend, but failed to live up to expectations. The director explains that he was given unsolicited advice on his debut movie.

While Morbius does not directly link to the Marvel universe, it’s made by Sony, the same studio that produces Spider-Man and Venom. Despite not being a Marvel movie, critics are quick to take jabs at its score and Leto’s method acting. Regardless of your feelings about Marvel movies, it’s unlikely that this flick will earn your money.

While many critics gave Morbius a negative review, the film has earned a 70% audience score, making it one of the worst-reviewed Marvel movies of all time. Despite these bad reviews, the director has expressed his dissatisfaction with the film. “It makes me hate myself,” he says. The director tries to ignore the bad reviews.

Michael Keaton has commented on his confusion about the Marvel movies. He has expressed his confusion over some of the plot points. He is unsure of the logic of the cinematic universe and has spoken of the plot points in Morbius. But he says he’s genuinely confused about what’s going on. So what do we think of this movie? And how will it affect the franchise?

In Morbius, Jared Leto plays a biochemist who accidentally infects himself with a rare blood disease that causes him to become a vampire. This new blood disease gives Morbius super strength and speed and he craves for blood. This makes him one of Marvel’s most interesting characters. This movie has a bad reputation, but it’s a solid start for an interesting new franchise.

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It’s not surprising that Sony is reacting to the bad reviews of its upcoming films, especially given the recent disappointment of Captain Marvel. Fortunately, Sony has plans for Morbius to be released on Netflix as an exclusive. It has been delayed multiple times due to multiple delays, and it has suffered due to last-minute script changes. Morbius also has some holes in its script.

Although the film isn’t the most popular anti-hero in the Marvel universe, Morbius doesn’t aim to compete with $200 million superhero movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, it has flaws like underdeveloped relationships, questionable rules of science, and a few other factors. This doesn’t mean the film is bad; it’s just that it deserves a little more time to mature before attempting to compete with it.

“Morbius” stars Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a scientist who has a rare blood disease. In an attempt to cure himself, he accidentally turns himself into a vampire. However, while his enigmatic, brilliantly-made realism makes “Morbius” a standout film, there’s still room for criticism.

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