Jon Batiste won five Grammys, including Album of the Year. He was nominated for 11 awards, including best new artist and best rap performance. Other winners included Bo Burnham, who won his 14th Grammy for “All Eyes on Me.” Rodrigo was also nominated for Best New Artist, but missed out on the award. He took home four of those awards, though he didn’t win any of those.

The night also had some surprises, including a surprise appearance by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Although he didn’t win an award, his song, “Ghosts,” won the Grammy for Best American Roots Performance. The singer won two more for Best American Roots Song and three for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Other acts won in the best new artist and record categories.

As the night went on, Jon Batiste continued to slay the Grammys. His first album, “Glory,” took home five awards, including Album of the Year. His four other wins were for Best American Roots Performance, Best Music Video, and Best Song. While his performance won the best song award, he tied for Best Original Pop Vocal Album with Lady Gaga.

The night was also a big night for the music industry. Jon Batiste was the biggest winner on the night, taking home five awards for his “We Are” album. In the Album of the Year category, he beat out fellow artists like Tony Bennett, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Ye. While they all received multiple nominations, the Grammy Awards were still not enough to celebrate the artist’s achievements.

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The album had moderate commercial and critical success. It landed 11 Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year, and two genre nods, including Best Rap Song, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best R&B/Pop/Jazz. At the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, Batiste also performed “Freedom,” a song that had no mainstream hits.

The most popular album of the year was “Soul” by Bono. His song won the Grammy for best new song. It is the most played song of the year. Silk Sonic took home two awards, including Album of the Year. Despite the overwhelming popularity of his songs, Jon Batiste is not the biggest pop star. The song won song of the year and best rap.

The show was a mixed bag for music. The triumvirate’s album, “Ishtar,” won the coveted Song of the Year category and Record of the Year. Earlier in the night, Silk Sonic had won two major awards for best rap. While they didn’t win the top prize, they tied for song of the year. It was a great night for the country music genre.

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