“Short-Ass Movies” is the perfect song to annoy your cinema-loving friends. The sketch begins with a TV screen filled with streaming channels. “Short-Ass Movies!” Davidson sings, while referencing the convenience of streaming. ‘Short-Ass Movies’ is an excellent choice for irking your cinema-obsessed friends!

Davidson’s rap pokes fun of how long many movies are these days. He mentions the 3 hour length of “The Batman” and “Sex and the City 2” before revealing that he sat down to watch a three-hour movie at home. He goes on to list several films that have three-hour runtimes: Sex and The City,” Jurassic Park,” and “The King of Staten Island,” which ran for two hours and 17 minutes.

Unlike his last film, “Short-Ass Movies” features a rap that makes fun of full-length films. The rap features references to the sitcom Short-Ass Movies, which mocks the 3-hour length of movies. It also pokes fun at the Ernest movie series. The premise behind the joke is quite simple: the average person doesn’t have the time to sit through a three-hour movie.

While it may seem obvious, it’s still fun to poke fun at the 3 hour runtime of The Batman. In a new sketch on Saturday Night Live, Davidson makes fun of the three-hour film by using examples from famous films to make the point. This hilarious rap also makes fun of the film’s 2 hour and seventeen-minute runtime.

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The rap also features references to the Ernest movie franchise, and a reference to the movie itself. The rap was a big hit on the show, with many people laughing along with the jokes. The rap also features a cameo from Dirt Nasty, who recently starred in the critically-acclaimed Red Rocket. And, of course, we can’t forget that the Batman has no apologies, despite how long it is.

“Short ass Movies” is a clever way to make fun of the full-length films. The rap also makes fun of the semi-autobiographical movie, The King of Staten Island. The video also includes references to the Ernest movies, which are 2 hours and 17 minutes long. The rap song is a perfect example of how to poke FUN of the Batmans 3 hour runtime in a comical way.

Despite the negative buzz surrounding the Batman, the comedy star has been enjoying his life. In fact, he’s even been dating Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Clearly, Kanye’s attack on Davidson is a sign of his greatness, as he’s not afraid to lash out at the rap industry.

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