How No Way Home Forced Morbiue to Change Michael Keaton Vulture scenes: The director of No Room for Stupidity thought that it would be better if he didn’t have to reveal the connection between the MCU and Morbius. The trailer showed the two characters meeting, but it turns out that they only met in the post-credits scenes. If this had been the case, then the movie would have been incredibly complicated. Ultimately, Sony made the decision to cut the Spider-Man references from the movie and cut the Oscorp building entirely.

The film has some interesting end-credits scenes, which narrate the premise of Morbius – that it transferred Venom and Vulture to different universes. The film does not explicitly state that this was the case, and it is unclear whether it is possible to transfer characters between universes. The film also shows that the Vulture’s suit is different from that seen in “Homecoming.” That makes it unlikely that Adrian could have built the suit in the “Morbius” universe. However, Keaton’s character’s suit looks very similar to the one seen in the movie trailers.

No Way Home’s plot device transferred Vulture and Venom to different universes, but it didn’t explicitly state the rules of the multiverse. Moreover, the suit of Vulture in Nosfera’s world is different from that in Homecoming. Similarly, Keaton’s end-credits scenes are not the same as the ones seen in the “Morbius” trailer.

The film’s end-credits scene could be connected to the MCU’s upcoming post-credits scenes. According to the trailer, a new Vulture scene in No Way Home could have a direct connection to the MCU’s future. Additionally, the film’s end-credits sequence could also connect the MCU with Morbius’ future.

A recent trailer for the movie showed clips of the Vulture, which appears in the film’s post-credits scene. The scenes were reshot to avoid any reshoots in the MCU. While Michael Keaton’s Vulture scene is a big spoiler for the movie, he also made it possible for fans to make their speculations about the future of the MCU as a whole more realistic.

While Michael Keaton’s Vulture character was already in the film’s post-credits scene, there were some differences between the MCU. In Morbius, the Vulture character was a character that had no record in the previous universe, so the scenes involving his daughter were not in the same sequences as in the original movie.