Justin and Hailey Bieber have been open about their desire to start a family. Justin even hinted that he and Hailey want to have children in a birthday tribute to Hailey, but the singer has yet to confirm if he is expecting a child or not. In the meantime, Hailey has remained mum, and there are no signs of a baby on the horizon.

Justin and Hailey have both denied rumours that they are expecting a child. Although Hailey’s dress looked looser than Justin’s, fans were convinced that she was expecting. Justin, meanwhile, wore an oversized Balenciaga suit, pink knit beanie, and chunky black Crocs. While fans were convinced that Hailey was expecting a baby, Hailey fans were quick to defend Justin’s style and choice.

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin slammed the rumors of a pregnancy, but she has been busy recently. The couple attended the 64th Grammy Awards, where Justin Bieber wore a super-sized Balenciaga suit and Hailey sported a Saint Laurent gown. Although the two did not win any awards, their photo-shoot with Justin Bieber on the red carpet proved that Hailey is not pregnant.

Justin and Hailey Bieber reportedly attended the Grammys on Sunday. Many fans assumed the singer was pregnant based on her dress. She wore a strapless ivory dress with delicate gold and diamond necklaces. This led fans to speculate that Hailey was hiding a baby bump. Radar Online published the story on Instagram and Bieber’s response to the rumours was surprising.

Although Justin and Hailey have not confirmed they are expecting a child, both have expressed the desire to have children. In fact, Hailey recently asked Justin to change a caption on his Instagram, saying that he and Justin could be “dog mom and dad” instead of being’mom and dad’. However, this is still a way off and will be revealed when the couple decide to start a family.

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