Miley Cyrus has paid tribute to her friend and bandmate Taylor Hawkins with an emotional performance at the Lollapalooza music festival in Brazil. On Sunday, the Foo Fighters were scheduled to headline. The concert was called off after Taylor Hawkins was found dead in his hotel room in Bogota, Colombia. On Instagram, the singer shared a picture of Hawkins behind the drums.

After the sudden death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Miley Cyrus has promised to dedicate her next live show to him. The drummer, 50, was found unconscious in his hotel room in Colombia on April 8. The drummer’s family and the band are deeply saddened by the tragic news. The rock stars will perform an emotional tribute set in memory of Hawkins.

The concert will be Miley Cyrus’ emotional tribute to Hawkins. Fans have expressed their sorrow and gratitude for Cyrus’ moving tribute to the drummer. The band’s fans have flooded social media with messages of love and support for their singer. Among them is Travis Barker, who tweeted a photo of the two of them on stage. The two remained close, and the music world is still mourning Hawkins’ tragic death.

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The death of Hawkins has shaken the music industry and left the Foo Fighters devastated. The guitarist was just 50 when he was tragically killed in a car crash. His death has been the subject of many discussions. It has been nearly two years since the incident occurred, and the band’s members have been reunited after a long absence. The news has also affected the band’s performance at Lollapalooza Brazil.

The death of Taylor Hawkins, the drummer of the Foo Fighters, has devastated fans everywhere. The death of Hawkins has rocked the music world. The loss of Hawkins, who was just 50 years old, was a devastating blow to the band. The sudden, unexpected death has forced the band to cancel their Lollapalooza headline show in Brazil.

The tribute set will be dedicated to Taylor Hawkins, who was tragically killed while performing with his band, the Foo Fighters. The tribute set will be a beautiful tribute to the fallen star, but the group are still trying to find closure in the tragic loss. However, it is unclear whether the band will play a headline show at Lollapalooza tomorrow, but fans can at least be assured that the concert will be moving.

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