The pop star has teamed up with Spanish rapper J Balvin to release a new single. The song is titled “Sigue,” and it features lyrics in Spanish. The video was also shot in Spain. Apparently, the two artists are working together to make an album that will feature Spanish songs. Both are expected to be released in the coming months, but there’s no word yet on when fans can expect to hear it.

“We Are One” is the latest single from the singer. The song, which features Sheeran and J Balvin, was released in September. The two appeared on a Miami film set for a Latin music video. Sheeran was wearing a blue shirt and wide-leg trousers, while J Balvin wore a white sun hat and black workman style boots.

After the release of “Shape of You,” the two artists have collaborated on several more songs. The pair previously worked together on Drake’s No.6 Collaborations Project and South of the Border. This time around, the pair have decided to work with JBalvin again. This time, Sheeran has a much bigger role in producing the new single. The collaboration between the two has been a huge success and the two are looking forward to releasing it next year.

Sheeran told Apple Music that working with JBalvin was a ‘fun’ experience. He said that “working with JBalvin was an amazing experience” and that he was very impressed with the result. The duo’s collaboration was highly successful and it won’t be the last. The collaboration with JBalvin will be even better, as the two artists have the same goal: to release a hit single.

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During the recording of “Shape of You”, Sheeran recently had a chat with the Colombian rapper J Balvin. The two were seen on a filming set in Miami. Sheeran was wearing a bright blue shirt and wide-leg trousers, while JBalvin wore a striped Prada shirt and a white sunhat.

“The collaboration was great,” Sheeran says. He was able to bring his “Adore You” album to the masses. He and JBalvin collaborated on “Alright,” a Spanish song he wrote with Bad Bunny. The two artists have also worked with other artists, including Drake and Rosalia. The album features eight songs and is titled “Oasis.”

In September, the two singers shared a photo on their Instagram. Sheeran was on a set in Miami filming a Latin song video. She wore a vibrant blue shirt and wide-leg trousers. Meanwhile, JBalvin was wearing a striped Prada shirt, white workman style boots, and a white sunhat. The collaboration has already become the most-streamed song on Apple Music.

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