Blake Shelton says Gwen Stefani was a huge help to him during his divorce from Miranda Lambert. The singer-songwriter and songwriter split from Miranda Lambert in 2015 after six years of marriage. They had a daughter together, but had fallen out after a year of marriage, and the divorce made them feel very isolated. They stayed at Adam Levine’s house while their relationship dissolved.

While it was rumored that the two had an affair, Shelton recently opened up about it in a new interview. The country singer revealed that Miranda Lambert cheated on him and he dated Gwen Stefani. In the interview, he acknowledged that she cheated on him and that the relationship didn’t last. He explained that the two had the same experiences and he wanted to help his new wife and children.

Blake Shelton recently talked about the relationship with Miranda Lambert in a new interview. Although he hinted that she cheated on him, he didn’t explicitly say so. He didn’t want to be a stepfather, so he made the decision to marry Stefani’s family instead. However, he didn’t expect to be a stepfather, but he did make sure that his family would remain intact.

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The former couple got married in 2011 and separated in August of that year. He and Gwen were then separated and their divorce was finalized in 2016. They have three sons together. Shelton claims Gwen Stefani helped him deal with the separation. In the interview, he revealed that he cheated on his wife, but the relationship with Stefani was based on the two of them sharing similar experiences.

The singer’s relationship with Miranda Lambert was a messy and troubled one. He was angry because Lambert had cheated on him. While he never said he was sorry, the two married. The marriage also strengthened Shelton’s faith in God and his relationship with his family. After all, his children had the same father. The divorce was very difficult, and he was very upset about it.

The country singer opened up about his relationship with Miranda Lambert. Shelton previously hinted that she cheated on him. Her statement later confirmed that she had cheated on him. Shelton also shared that he and Gwen Stefani were “not in a good place” after their marriage. But he does have a reason for being happy. And he’s very open about it.

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