It’s no surprise that many people are now resentful of the Royal Family. In fact, their alleged racism claims against Markle have stoked the fire of social media, causing the Royal Family to slam the duchess in recent weeks. It’s easy to blame the Royals for allowing racist acts to occur. But they shouldn’t. They’re built on colonialism and racism, which they publicly deny and celebrate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were quick to denounce the accusations against the Queen, who is of African descent. As a result, the Queen’s family has become the latest target for Republican attacks. But while the Royals may have been the targets of the racist attacks against Markle, they’ve failed to protect the royals from the same backlash. Their failure to shield members of the royal family from the media has only made the situation worse.

In an interview with Oprah, Meghan also spoke about her suicidal thoughts, which she revealed in a press release. She said that she thought the media was pushing negative stories about her, and the Royal Family didn’t do anything about it. As a result, she didn’t want to be alive anymore. Afterwards, her supporters began to attack the Royals. However, it’s not just her racist claims that have caused the scandal.

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While Meghan Markle’s racism claims have been weaponised against the Royal Family, the incident has prompted many to call for their resignation. While Prince Harry and Meghan’s controversial Oprah interview caused a ruckus, other members of the royal family have been scathing about their treatment of people of colour. This, in turn, has stoked the flames of racist attitudes against their own.

The media’s response to Meghan Markle’s racism claims has been equally disconcerting. In contrast to the real situation, this controversy has caused many women to take action. For example, it’s a powerful message to send to the royal family that it is not racist. One of the key messages in this piece is that British imperialism is not white. In fact, it is a black man’s society.

After the royals defended the royal family, a journalist who was critical of the scandal said: “The accusations of racism against the royals were made by a person who did not have the right to speak to the media about her problems.” In addition, he attributed the protests to Prince Harry and Meghan’s shocking interview with Oprah. The journalist added: The rift between the royals and the duchess was exacerbated by the revelation that Meghan was a black woman.

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