A few years ago, Placebo were spinning their 20th anniversary tour. Their fans were eagerly anticipating the new album, Never Let You Go, but after a hiatus that included the COVID scandal, the band decided to take a break and focus on other projects. In the wake of the COVID scandal, the band embarked on a world tour in 2014. The show lasted nearly three years.

The 20th anniversary tour saw Placebo playing their first concert in four years, and their fans were thrilled. But the band’s concert was cut short when frontman Brian Molko became incoherent during the set. It was later determined that Molko had an adverse reaction to the medication he was taking. The show was still a success, and many of the fans enjoyed the show. Minor Victories toured with Placebo in support of the album, which was released on July 27.

The band’s tour was interrupted by an incoherent member named Molko during the middle of the set. During a recent concert, the band’s tour was called off due to the incident, but the show continued without incident. The band’s 20th anniversary tour featured the shoegaze supergroup Minor Victories. The album released in September was a commercial success, with radio and television stations raving about it.

In October 2010, Placebo’s 20th anniversary tour was interrupted by a stage invasion. The band’s drummer, Brian Molko, suffered a nervous breakdown during the show and walked off the stage. This was due to a medication reaction. The concert was later rescheduled with the singer’s health. The band received mixed reviews, and their performance featured shoegazesupergroup Minor Victories.

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In March 2013, Placebo announced a tour in the US to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The band had been on the road for four years, but after the lockdown, the band had not toured since. They hoped to make up for lost time. The concert, however, was cut short due to an adverse reaction to Molko’s medication. Nonetheless, the concert was well received.

After their 20th anniversary tour, Placebo released a demo and split single in 1997. Their single “Nancy Boy” became popular and gained them widespread exposure. The band stood out from the other Britpop bands in the scene because they were not afraid to talk about their sexuality and their use of drugs. In 2007, Hewitt’s replacement, Steve Forrest, joined the band, but the singer left the band in 2015 to pursue his own career.

The 20th anniversary tour was a disaster for Placebo. The band had to cancel the concert after a single song, and the band was forced to sell all of their iconic looks. The concert went on without an incident, but the band was not able to get back on their feet and resume touring. The group’s next reunion tour is planned for 2020. Their next tour will take them to the same cities they previously played.

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