Michael Buble is one of the most popular Christmas singers in the world, and he just released his 11th studio album, Higher. He recently revealed that Ed Sheeran gave him some good advice in writing a song about being kind and understanding. But, in order to make that happen, he must follow the advice. Here’s what he said: “Be yourself, because you can’t be someone else.”

In the beginning, Michael Buble put his Bible under his pillow to pray and ask God to make him a famous singer. He has since sold over 75 million albums, won four Grammys and chokes the airwaves at Christmas. He’s also asked God for Noah’s health, as his son was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at age three. He underwent two years of treatment, and promised to give up recording until his son recovered.

When Michael Buble first started out, he kept a Bible under his pillow and prayed to God to make him famous. It was a prayer that worked! He has since gone on to sell over 75 million albums and win four Grammys, and is currently choking the airwaves every Christmas. However, Buble recently made a very emotional appeal to God: he wanted to dedicate his time to caring for Noah, his only son. In June 2016, Noah was diagnosed with rare liver cancer, and he spent the next two years in the hospital. He has promised to stop recording until Noah was fully recovered.

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When Michael Buble first began his career, he slept with his Bible under his pillow and prayed for God to make him a famous singer. After a year of chemotherapy and other treatments, Michael Buble was ready to pursue his dream of becoming a pop star. Thankfully, his faith paid off and he continues to perform sold-out shows around the world. But, in 2016, he prayed for his son Noah’s health. After Noah’s diagnosis, Michael Buble resorted to praying for Noah’s recovery. While he’s now singing in the spotlight, he didn’t want to stop recording until Noah was completely recovered.

At first, Michael Buble didn’t want to sing again after his son’s cancer diagnosis. After the two-year treatment, the singer didn’t want to sing again because he couldn’t see the point of singing again. He felt like he wouldn’t be able to make his son happy. But, the young singer’s faith helped him overcome the challenges of the disease, and he now performs his beloved songs for their sons.

When Michael Buble first started his career, he had no desire to sing. Then, he found out that his son had cancer. After watching Noah go through chemotherapy, he realized he didn’t want to perform again. He was adamant that he should continue performing, but he couldn’t do it. But his son’s health ultimately kept him going.

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