After announcing his retirement from acting, Bruce Willis has announced he is suffering from aphasia. This condition impairs a person’s ability to understand and process speech. Aphasia was diagnosed in Willis in 2012. Following a stroke, it affected the actor’s abilities to process speech and understand what is being said. In addition to his inability to communicate effectively, the actor also has trouble reading and writing.

Willis’ family announced his retirement from acting on social media on Friday. The actor’s diagnosis was a long time coming. In fact, his illness began as early as the age of five. Willis, who has three children with Demi Moore, has been battling a rare form of cancer. His wife Emma Heming and ex-wife Demi Moore announced the news on social media. The couple’s family thanked his fans for their support.

After the announcement, many celebrities shared their thoughts about Willis’s retirement. Some even worked with him, while others grew up with him. The famous actor is still the source of debates about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and has a devoted fan base in Hollywood. In recent years, Willis has remained busy acting in straight-to-video films. In addition to his regular roles, he has also continued to star in movies.

The news of Willis’s retirement from acting comes as a shock to the Hollywood community. He has worked for decades in films and TV shows, and left a legacy that no other actor can match. His family will continue to watch his films, and he hopes to live it up. The three kids of Willis’ wife, Demi Moore, will take over the role of her husband in The Sixth Sense.

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In addition to his aphasia diagnosis, Willis has also been diagnosed with aphasia. This condition impairs a person’s ability to perceive language. It can be caused by a head injury, a stroke, or degenerative diseases in the brain. It is also the cause of Willis’s retirement from acting. Despite his aphasia, his fans were still saddened at the news.

The news about Willis’ retirement from acting has come as a shock to fans. Fortunately, Willis’ family has not announced the details of his health condition. In fact, the actor has already finished several direct-to-video movies. While Willis’ retirement from acting is unsettling for many fans, it is important to remember that the actor has earned tremendous respect in the industry. His family has been supportive of his decision.

Willis’ decision to retire from acting follows the recent diagnosis of aphasia. The condition affects a person’s ability to understand and express their own words. Willis’ family posted a statement on social media announcing his retirement. His former wife Demi Moore has also signed a statement about the actor’s decision to quit. In the meantime, the actor’s stunt double, Stuart F. Wilson, confirmed that Willis would not be returning to the acting scene.

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