She was in the country on March 22 but cancelled the show due to a hurricane. She also tweeted that she is not sorry. The fans expressed disappointment and anger. Some fans accused Doja of not being sensitive to their complaints and accusing her of letting down her fans. Some fans said that she had unfair expectations of her fans. Several famous people have responded to Doja’s apologies. Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly have also issued statements in support of the singer.

The singer is also apologising for the controversy. Her tweets were deemed rude and insensitive after she requested that no one look her in the eye during a private event. The concert was also canceled due to flooding in the country. As a result, the fans were devastated and Doja was forced to cancel her Paraguay show. However, her supporters have come to her defense. They believe that the singer is simply playing the victim and has no real intention of renouncing music.

Earlier this week, Doja Cat apologized to her Paraguay fans for being “rude” in her tweets. While she made no mention of her fans on Twitter, the singer did not acknowledge them either. This angered fans in the country and led to a cancellation of the Paraguay concert. After the backlash, Doja Cat decided to quit music altogether. The star later explained that she needed more experience of different cultures and countries.

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Doja Cat’s apology for her rude tweets came after a private event in Brazil. After the event, the rapper asked no one to look at her in the eyes. She also refused to acknowledge her fans during her arrival and before leaving. She apologised in her tweets shortly after the incident. Her action upset fans in the country and has made her appear as a victim.

Following the controversy, Doja Cat apologised for her tweets after her Paraguay concert cancellation. In her apology, the singer emphasized that she was upset by the backlash, but she did not apologize for the controversial tweets. Despite her apology, the musician has not made it clear whether she will continue touring. He apologized for the “insensitive” tweets and deleted them after the cancellation.

Doja Cat apologized for tweets following his cancellation of a Paraguay show. He also claimed that his tweets were not true and that he did not want to apologize to his fans. Doja Cat has previously cancelled shows and apologises for the controversial tweets he posted on her Instagram account. The singer has now deleted the Twitter account, which she says hurt her fans.

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