In honor of the upcoming season premiere of her new television show “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls,” Lizzo celebrated the occasion with a free dance in the street. She is known for her body positivity message, and her upcoming show focuses on the lives of women who often do not get the opportunities to be on stage. It is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The singer’s new series “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls” will highlight the journey of plus-sized women. The show will feature background dancers who will be featured in her songs and videos. Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is available exclusively on Amazon Prime, and Lizzo has also signed a first-look deal with the streaming service. The premiere of the show will be free for Amazon Prime members.

The eight-part show will follow Lizzo’s career as a singer and a rapper. She will be searching for backup dancers to perform with her during the competition. According to the star, girls like her do not receive adequate representation in the traditional dancing circuit. For this reason, she will be looking for backup dancers in the streets. But what is this show about?

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“Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” will be an unscripted reality series hosted by Lizzo. The series will feature original tour dancers and a professional choreographer. SZA and Rashida KhanBey Miller will help find dancers for the show. Unlike other reality shows, the show doesn’t have typical drama or plot. The focus is on the individual qualities of each of the competitors and their commitment to the stage.

Among the many highlights of the upcoming series is Lizzo’s commitment to body positivity. The singer and rap star has long been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and promotes body positivity in her music videos and on her tour. As a result, she is the executive producer of the project. The new series will debut on Amazon Prime Video on April 24 and will be available to all Prime subscribers for free.

The eight-episode series will feature original dancers from her tour. The show will also feature SZA, Charm La’Donna, and Rashida KhanBey Miller, who is an expert in body movement. The show will feature a number of guests from the music industry, including Lizzo’s long-time friend and collaborator SZA. If Lizzo’s upcoming series is a success, she will be able to release the full episodes of the project as soon as she is finished with it.

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