On Christmas Day, Lizzo surprised her mum by giving her a new Audi car and shared it on Instagram. As the new track ‘Girlfriend’ gets more airplay, the singer has been sharing video of her mum’s reaction to the song. The singer shared the video of her mom’s tear-jerking reaction to her new song. The musician explained how her dad had left her with nothing – no job, no money, and no place to live. But now, Lizzo has a brand-new Audi – and she’s letting her drive it home with her.

Despite the tense situation in the family, Lizzo has managed to bring happiness to her mum with her latest video. The singer has posted a clip of her mom’s reaction to her new song on Instagram. Shari Johnson-Jefferson, Lizzo’s mother, is visibly emotional as she listens to the song. After the video, Lizzo gives her mum a big hug and thanks her for being so supportive.

In the video, Lizzo’s mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson appears beaming with happiness and tears, while her daughter sings along. The video was shot by a cameraman for the Logitech Defy Logic campaign, an initiative of the company. The campaign aims to inspire the next generation of internet users to embrace technology and embrace the digital world. Although Lizzo has been teasing fans with a new song for months, she hasn’t revealed the release date.

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While Lizzo is enjoying an incredible year, she is also making time to give back to her mother. Last month, she surprised her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson with a new Audi. On Instagram, she shared the video of her mother’s emotional reaction to the new song. She was incredibly touched by the gift, and it was clear that she would do anything she could to help her daughter enjoy her career.

The new song “Girlfriend” is another song she has been performing in the past. The new track has already received a great response from fans, and she’s gotten many requests for the track on it. While the music video is a joyous one, it’s important to remember that the new single was not written just for her. It was a surprise for her mum.

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Lizzo’s mum’s reaction to her new song was a surprise to her fans. She filmed herself with the new song on her TikTok account. The flautist’s mother is reportedly crying during the video, and she’s not alone. Her mother’s tears are often the result of a heartbreak. In January, she revealed that she had spent the day with her mother and father, but that she had not had the chance to spend quality time with her dad.