A large group of public health experts and scientists have signed a letter urging Spotify to take action after a listener complained about the podcast episode featuring Rogan. The episode is viewed as spreading “baseless conspiracy theories” and has sparked controversy. Although Neil Young cited the sound quality as a reason for the removal, the podcast was re-uploaded later.

Despite the widespread backlash to Rogan’s podcast, Spotify has agreed to remove the controversial musician’s music. The songwriter wrote to Spotify’s CEO on Monday to demand the platform remove Young’s music. The artist’s record label asked the streaming service to remove the content after the controversy. The singer has been criticized for his “contrarian” views on medicine and vaccines. However, Rogan and his show have already signed a deal with Spotify with an estimated $100 million in revenue, depending on how well the podcast performs.

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The reason for the move is unclear. While the decision to remove Young’s music is unprecedented, it’s unlikely to impact his career. It’s a good sign that the music industry is starting to look at the issues that affect their artists’ careers. It’s a sign that people are starting to realize the power of the internet, and that the internet can be an effective tool in expressing personal opinions.

The decision to pull Young’s music from Spotify follows his recent open letter to the company’s CEO and his record label. In it, the musician expressed his disapproval of Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast, which focuses on alternative medicine and health. He wrote that he is not satisfied with the sound quality on streaming platforms and wanted his music removed from the platform.

In his letter, Young criticized the show’s “false claims” about Covid-19. The two had a long-standing relationship and both artists have performed on the platform. He also criticized the show’s “inflammatory” message. Several medical groups have contacted Spotify and Joe Rogan’s management to voice their support for his podcast.

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The musician also accused the streaming service of spreading false information about vaccines. He also asked Spotify to remove the music from the podcast’s website. The singer reportedly received a lot of hate mail in his past. During the interview, he explained that the podcast had been “false” and he had not agreed to it. The alleged misinformation led to the removal of his songs.