Listen to Melvins’ cover of Soundgarden’s Spoonman with drummer Matt Cameron! The band covered the 1994 grunge classic for a Chris Cornell tribute album in 2019. The track features a guest appearance from Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron, who played drums on the original track. The cover can be found on the band’s Lord of the Flies EP.

The cover is the third song from the band’s Lord of the Flies EP, and features Melvins drummer Matt Cameron and longtime Melvins bassist Steven McDonald. The track was recorded by Toshi Kasai, who is also the band’s drummer. The cover was performed live at a Chris Cornell tribute concert in 2019. The band released the song digitally to coincide with the release of the new EP.

It was a pleasure to hear the Melvins perform a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman” earlier this week. This track is from their new EP, which is out on Jan. 10. It is not available digitally yet, but the band’s cover has already received critical acclaim. The band’s newest album, Lord of the Flies, was released Jan. 10, but it’s not yet available on iTunes. The band recorded the song live and played it at a Chris Cornell tribute concert earlier this month.

The track is an original, a 7/4 song from Melvins’ debut EP, Lord of the Flies. It features soundgarden’s legendary drummer Matt Cameron, who also happens to be a founding member of Off! and Redd Kross. The cover was recorded by Toshi Kasai and performed at a tribute concert to Cornell.

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The band has also announced a summer tour this year. The tour will be comprised of four shows in July and the band will headline the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans on Halloween weekend. However, drummer Matt Cameron has a prior commitment with Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt album and will not be joining the band’s tour in 2014.

During the recording of their latest album, the Melvins cover Soundgarden’s Spoonman with Soundgarden drummer Matt C. Besides performing a cover of the song, the band has also recorded the band’s famous Spoonman. The new album is out on Oct. 15 as digitally-released double disc CD and on colored vinyl on January 28.

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While Chris Cornell may be dead, his legacy will live on. The band’s legacy isn’t simply a rock band. The group was a cult band during their peak. In fact, the members of the band’s lineup changed several times throughout the years. The first album by the group, Five Legged Dog, is a tribute to their late singer, Mike Huey. The album was canceled after his tragic death.