Kane Brown has new music planned in 2022. The singer-songwriter offered fans an early taste of the new track, “Whiskey Sour,” that will be released on in January. 14.

“I love getting to sing other people’s stories!” Brown posted a caption to his Instagram video of him singing the single on Dec. 26.

The ballad is among Brown’s most traditional country-sounding albums, and highlights his smooth baritone over acoustic Acoustic guitars. In addition, the lyrics are centered around a tale of the love of a life that has gone wrong.

The first verse is focused the two young lovebirds who are hopeful about their future but their relationship soon deteriorates and ends by Brown sing, “It only took a few months to be someone you once knew.

Fans who have been around for a long time of Brown realize that he’s as adept at singing a traditional-leaning country tune as he is with his more pop-oriented radio songs. In the beginning of Brown’s career Brown began to build his following by recording cover versions of songs by artists like Randy Travis and George Strait before gaining his own breakthrough hit “Used to Love You Sober.” This the year’s CMT Artists of the Year ceremony, Brown paid homage to one of his greatest musical idols, Travis, by performing his smash hit “Three Wooden Crosses.”

Brown has been busy working in the making of his full-length album released in 2018 Experiment and his mixtape of his 2020 EP Vol. 1. It included his smash hit “Worldwide Beautiful.” That track earned Brown the first Academy of Country Music award for his best video of the year.

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In an interview on The Apple Music’s Today’s Country Radio, Brown said to Kelleigh Bannen that she had pushed the release date.

“I’m not going to say when, but I did push my album back,” Brown declared. “But I think I am going to release songs hopefully once every other month leading up to it.”

Brown also said that the album’s new release will once again feature Brown exploring new sounds and textures.