Gomez‘s honesty about her struggles with mental illness has earned her the respect of millions of followers. Now , she’s channeling her fame into a company that can help other people get out there and feel heard.

About one year in the past, Daniella Pierson took a deep breath before clicking an Zoom link. The 25-year-old couldn’t be convinced of the person she was to interview , especially about something as important such as psychological health. However, when other windows appeared at her fingertips, she was able to relax. It appeared Mandy Teefey, the producer of the Netflix program 13 Reasons Why, wearing sweats in her bedroom. Then there was Teefey’s child, Selena Gomez, cozied up on her sofa in the comfort of a blanket.

This interview conducted for the Newsletter which is a trendy Generation Z newsletter Pierson began five years before in college created by a number of coincidences. Maybe because it was designed to talk about mental health The conversation went very deep. They admitted to having ADHD and anxieties. Gomez was able to recall how the media was astonished when she spoke about self-doubt and self-esteem: “I got so angry that my story was twisted.” Pierson was driven to confess her struggles with OCD which she had never spoken about publicly in part because of the stigma that surrounded the Hispanic community from which she was born. There was a certain magical connection among the women. When looking back, Gomez says, “It’s one of the times where I felt the most close to my momthe three of us getting together to discuss things we have in common.

Experienced in our own unique way. It was amazing. Then being accepted by Daniella was just as wonderful.” The three of them wanted to let the conversation stop therefore they decided…it didn’t.

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In the coming year, Pierson, Teefey, and Gomez will announce WonderMind, a company in the field of media that focuses upon mental wellbeing in a manner that hasn’t been attempted before. In a highly competitive market for mental health startups that is flooded with health apps and platforms for therapy, WonderMind is going after the most deeply-rooted social issue: stigma. The company’s goal is to normalize psychological health, and making it a subject to discuss. “We wanted to create something outside the box that gets into the dirt of what could really help people,” says Teefey who heads WonderMind’s content creation.

Instead of adopting a strict religious or preachy style, the content will be scrutinized by the lens of lifestyle and entertainment. The launch will include the podcast network and weekly content that includes advice, resources as well as interviews. It will then follow by a range of new tools to improve your mental health. The company will also generate revenues through corporate partnerships as well as creation of intellectual propertysuch as essays, books and podcast episodes on various related subjects that could be turned into television series and films that could be adapted for Hulus, Netflixes, and Universals of the world.

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“I believe that media plus product equals ecosystem,” says Pierson who is the co-CEO alongside Teefey. “And there are big companies already showing interest in advertising and becoming partners of ours. We’re looking forward to building an industry that is profitable. The best way to make sure that the public is aware of an issue is to earn profits from it. This is how real changes are created.”