Savir Suda hd picture in a white shirt

Hailing from New Delhi, India, Savir Suda successfully made a name for himself as an online entrepreneur. He currently runs two businesses: a YouTube automation company and a social media agency. He began indulging his entrepreneurial side when he was 16. 

“I always knew that the 9-5 world and college weren’t for me, and I hated having a boss who would tell me what to do, how many times a year I could go on vacation, etc. I wanted to live a life of freedom. That is why the business world was perfect for me, and it aligned with my goals,” he said. 

As 2022 draws to a close and 2023 fast approaches, Savir continues to work towards achieving several goals for his company, Triad Global Media (TGM). 

Savir’s Goals In Numbers

The online entrepreneur hopes to develop TGM as the most significant media empire in the industry. 

“We want to own 500+ cash-flowing fully automated YouTube channels under this company,” Savir explained. 

However, by 2023, Savir hopes to start and sustain ten more cash-flowing YouTube channels for himself. 

Meanwhile, Savir also aims to help others with his online businesses. He plans to work with and assist 1,000 clients and more through his YouTube automation agency within the next two years. 

“I started offering a Done-For-You service for building 100%hands-off YouTube automation channels for everyday people, which is what I passionately do now with my agency business,” he said. 

Savir’s other goals include fully retiring from his parents and becoming a millionaire within the next two years. 

A Glimpse Of The Years

Throughout his career as an online entrepreneur, Savir accomplished several milestones that prove he’s efficient and capable of running his two companies. 

During his first year of business, Savir reached his initial goal of generating $200,000 in revenue. He was only 17 then. He also worked with more than 200 clients by building their automated YouTube channels. 

“I am currently at $30k-$35k/month with my businesses combined. It feels unreal,” the online entrepreneur shared. 

Savir came a long way from a young man with a dream to an individual who makes his dreams come true. Inspired by the achievements he made in 2022 and other previous years, he plans to continue what he’s doing to pursue his other loftier goals. 

With the right mindset and business ethics, Savir shows that there’s much to accomplish for those who partner aspirations with action. 

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