This month she made public her reasons for returning earlier this month to Victoria’s Secret as it seeks to change its name to The VS Collective.

Also, Bella Hadid has offered a glimpse into her new partnership in the company.

The model, who is 25 years old, posted on Instagram the day before to post an behind-the-scenes photo of herself wearing lingerie at the Victoria’s Secret photoshoot.

The actress was seated backwards in a chair while her hair blew out in the breeze of the fan which was being positioned by a hairstylist Mustafa Yanez.

Bella captioned the picture”@VICTORIASSECRET’s days that we’re shooting are among the most memorable days I’ve ever had … @mustafayanaz soccer tournament 2022 ..

‘.. Made possible by a handful of my angel humans I love @raulmartinez1024 and @felicitybwebb’

In the last few years, Victoria’s Secret has been swamped with scandals, including a multitude of sexual assault allegations including that Bella was hounded.

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“What attracted me to come back was the fact that they came to me and convincing me that in the background, Victoria’s Secret has changed in such a drastic way,’ 25-year-old emphasized in a new interview to Marie Claire.

There was a manner that I think we women who were employed in Victoria’s Secret felt. Now Six of the seven board members of Victoria’s Secret are female. There are new photoshoot guidelines that we’ve got. There’s been a lot of changes.’