Bray Wyatt's New Member Of Faction Showed On WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Without a doubt Bray Wyatt has his work cut out for him in WWE, with all the raw talent coming in to the company. And even though there were two people that were part of his new faction, another one showed up during WWE Friday Night SmackDown.


As the members of The Wyatt Family slowly start to dwindle, it appears that Bray Wyatt may have found a new follower in “The Fiend” Alexa Bliss.

Bliss made her first appearance with the Wyatts on this week’s SmackDown, after weeks of mysteriously disappearing during her tag team matches with Nikki Cross. On Friday night, Cross was again left alone in the ring as Bliss disappeared backstage, only to return moments later with Wyatt and his trademark lantern.

While it’s not yet clear what Bliss’ relationship is with Wyatt and his dark family, it’s certainly an interesting development that could lead to some very intriguing stories down the line.

Superstar of Bray Wyatt’s faction shown for first time during WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Bray Wyatt's New Member Of Faction Showed On WWE Friday Night SmackDownThe latest member of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House faction was shown for the first time during WWE Friday Night SmackDown. The new superstar, who is known as Ramblin’ Rabbit, appeared briefly in a pre-taped segment with Bray and his otherworldly friends.

Ramblin’ Rabbit is a small, white rabbit with pink eyes. He seems to be very energetic and playful, and he loves to dance around. Bray has said that Ramblin’ Rabbit is the “soul” of the Firefly Fun House, and he seems to be very fond of him.

This is the first time we have seen any member of Bray’s faction on WWE television. It will be interesting to see how they are utilized going forward.

Paul Ellering not member of Bray Wyatt’s new faction anymore

According to Bray Wyatt’s tweet on Friday, it appears that Paul Ellering is no longer a member of his faction. On Thursday’s episode of SmackDown, Ellering was not present when Wyatt and his new ally, Erick Rowan, attacked Roman Reigns.

This is a significant development, as Ellering has been a key part of Wyatt’s act since he debuted in WWE in 2012. He was the one who originally christened Wyatt “The Eater of Worlds,” and he has been by his side for many of his most memorable moments.

It’s unclear why Ellering is no longer part of Wyatt’s faction, but it could be due to creative differences. Wyatt has been pushing for a more solo act lately, and it seems that WWE may have decided to oblige him.

Time will tell if this change will help or hurt Bray Wyatt in the long run, but there’s no doubt that Paul Ellering was a big part of his success over the past few years.

Who is the new member?

The new member of Bray Wyatt’s faction is revealed to be none other than Alexa Bliss. The former WWE Women’s Champion made her surprise return to SmackDown on Friday night, aligning herself with The Fiend and his followers.

This is a huge get for Bray Wyatt and his group, as Alexa Bliss is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE. She brings a wealth of experience and star power to the table, and she will no doubt be a valuable asset to The Fiend and his cause.

It remains to be seen what role Alexa Bliss will play in the faction, but she is sure to be a key player going forward. With her help, Bray Wyatt and his followers could become an even more dangerous force in WWE.

Reaction by Wrestling fans

Reaction by Wrestling fans
WWE Friday Night SmackDown saw the debut of a new member of Bray Wyatt’s faction, and fans had a lot to say about it.

Many were unimpressed with the new member, with some even calling them a “lame duck”. Others thought that the new member was nothing more than a fill-in for Erick Rowan, who is currently injured.

Some fans did enjoy the new addition to the faction, however, finding them intriguing and looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.


Although we don’t know who the new member of Bray Wyatt’s faction is yet, we can speculate that it might be someone from WWE NXT. Whoever it is, they definitely made an impact on Friday Night SmackDown and we can’t wait to see more from them in the future. Thanks for reading and make sure to come back for more WWE news and updates!

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