Six months after breaking her leg in a Congo accident, Ashley Judd is now walking again

Ashley Judd says it’s with “quiet awe” that she is walking, nearly six months after shattering her leg in four places while on a trip in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After sustaining serious injuries in a fall while traversing the rainforest, the “Double Jeopardy” star and activist was taken to hospital in February.
On Sunday, Judd announced a major milestone on her road to recovery on Instagram, telling fans she managed to walk “uphill on uneven surfaces for an hour confidently.”
Six months after breaking her leg in a Congo accident, Ashley Judd is now walking again
“Today, five and a half months and three weeks following the accident in Congolese rainforest, I walked again. And in what manner!”
 Judd also included a series of videos and photos of her recent hike through Switzerland, which she wrote alongside.
Actress at 53, she described her experience by saying, “Stepping into, I felt in ease, my natural clothing of self, at home within my spirit. My leg and foot worked perfectly.”
Judd also shared that she recently walked another alp in Ticino (Switzerland) and is currently working to rebuild her stamina.
“This is the way ahead. But I’m up for the daily tasks. I even carry firewood into our Alpine home! She added.
Judd was on a trip to the Congo when she fell over a fallen tree. In February’s Instagram Live interview, Nick Kristof, New York Times columnist, said that Judd recalled lying down for five hours with a “badly misshaped leg”, biting a stick out of pain, and “howling like an animal.”
According to her, it took her 55 hours to get from the jungle to an operation table in South Africa.
Judd admitted that her leg will never be the same, but she now loves her “new” leg and posted an Instagram message saying “We are friends.” We’ve come a long way and have a wonderful life ahead of us.