In private conversations, Donald Trump called some of the officers who defended Capitol on January 6, “pussies,” Daily Reuters Reported.

More than 200 officers with the US Capitol Police and Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department were injured as a result of clashes with pro-Trump supporters on January 6, police and union officials have said.

Multiple officers have recounted the horror of the insurrection and accused Trump of lying about its nature.

Trump thinks that many officers who worked that day were weak and calls them “pussies.”

Former president has expressed sympathy for officers who were there, but he also stated that he believed the January 6 events “broke” some officers because they weren’t tough enough.

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Trump believes that certain police officers have been willingly made into tools for Democratic politicians, such as Nancy Pelosi, according to the report.

It is not clear to which officers Trump was referring. Insider reached out to Trump representatives for comment but they did not respond immediately.