Dana Perino Wedding Pictures


Dana Perino married Peter McMahon in 1998. The two met in 1997 on an airplane and he proposed to her outside the Washington Cathedral. She accepted his proposal via letter and they now live in Manhattan. They have two daughters together, Emily Compagno and Lucy, and they are the parents of two children.

Emily Compagno

Taking wedding pictures is a must for those who want to make sure that their special day remains a lasting memory. The couple married on September 17, 2017 in Ravello, Italy, and their wedding pictures are absolutely stunning. Their wedding was a very special occasion, and the images are a true representation of their love for each other. Their ceremony took place in the Villa Cimbrone, which was the bride’s family home. Emily Compagno looked beautiful in her nude silk chiffon wedding gown. They exchanged personal vows in a private ceremony, and the wedding was a secret.

Before becoming a political figure, Emily Compagno worked as an attorney in San Francisco. Her work covered a wide range of subjects for the federal government, including crime, regulatory and agency issues, and budget and labor issues. She was also a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

Ponderosa High School

Dana Perino was born in Evanston, Wyoming, and attended Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Colorado State University-Pueblo, and she minored in Spanish and political science. She is an American citizen, and her parents are Italian immigrants. She married businessman Peter McMahon in 1997. The couple has no children.

Dana Perino graduated from Ponderosa High School in Colorado in 1986. After graduation, she went on to attend Colorado State University-Pueblo, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in mass communications. She also studied Spanish and political science, and was part of the forensics team. She also worked for KCCY-FM and the Rocky Mountain PBS affiliate.

Perino met Peter McMahon on a plane in 1996. He is an expert in international marketing of medical products. The couple got engaged in 1998, and married on the 30th of September 1998. The two are now grandparents. They have a dog named Jasper, who was adopted by the couple after their previous dog, Henry.

Perino is an American television personality who became a media guru after leaving the White House. She is the co-host of the popular show “The Five” and has a podcast called I’ll Tell You What. She graduated from Ponderosa High School in Colorado and later went on to Colorado State University. She also went to the University of Illinois, Springfield, where she earned a Master’s degree in Public Affairs Reporting.

Perino is an active user of social media sites, including Twitter. She has over 1.7 million followers on her official account. She uses the account to promote her career and personal life. Dana Perino has a Facebook page, where she posts pictures of her dog and husband.

University of Southern Colorado

University of Southern Colorado Dana Perino has been married for a number of years now. She first met Peter McMahon in 1996, while they were both traveling on an airplane. Peter, a graduate of the University of Southern Colorado, is now a president of a medical company in New York. The two met by chance, on a flight from Denver to Chicago.

Perino met McMahon in Denver, where they were both studying. They met on a plane and began talking. Perino was impressed by his British accent and asked if he had an engagement ring. They soon became a couple, and their love story began. They were married eleven months later, in England, where the couple had lived before. Their wedding was so private that Perino’s parents were unaware until a visit to England after the wedding.

Perino attended Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Southern Colorado in 1994. During her college years, she worked at a radio station and covered Colorado state government. She also studied Spanish and political science. She went on to pursue her master’s degree in public affairs reporting.

Perino met McMahon at the University of Southern Colorado, and they married in 2007. McMahon’s daughter was born in 2007. The couple has two children together. Perino is also an avid horseback rider. She often posts pictures of her dogs on social media. She and her husband adopted a Hungarian vizsla named Percy in late 2021, after their first dog, Jasper, died.

After graduating from the University of Southern Colorado, Perino briefly worked as a TV reporter and as the staff assistant to former Rep. Scott McInnis. She then landed her first press secretary position with the late Colorado Congressman Dan Schaefer. Schaefer retired in 1999, and Perino spent seven years working in public relations for him. In 2010, she was offered a position as deputy press secretary in the White House, a position she accepted after meeting Scott McClellan.

Peter McMahon

Peter McMahon and Dana Perino met by accident while on a plane. They were strangers when they first met but fell in love. They married in 1997 and have been together for more than two decades. In their wedding pictures, Peter and Dana can be seen walking down the aisle while holding hands.

Peter McMahon was born in Lancashire, England and studied at the University of Liverpool. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Peter was employed in a distribution business for a few years before starting his own firm.

Peter and Dana McMahon first met when Peter was 43 and Dana was 25. They met on a flight to Chicago from Denver. Peter and Dana met each other on a flight from Denver. In June of 2012, Peter brought his dog Jasper to New York City. Sadly, the couple lost their dog Jasper in September of 2021 due to cancer.

Peter and Dana McMahon met in the U.S., and they fell in love after meeting at a cocktail party. McMahon was married eleven months later, and the wedding was a surprise for Perino’s parents, who didn’t even know it had taken place until the wedding dinner. Perino, who co-hosts “The Five” program, was 25 years old when she married McMahon. He was 43 at the time of their wedding. The couple currently live in New York City and have a home in New Jersey.

Dana Perino married Peter McMahon in 1998. The couple met on a flight from Chicago to Denver and got to know each other. Peter was from England and moved to the U.S., and they were married after two years of dating. Peter is a British businessman and an executive management consultant.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino married Peter McMahon in 1998. The couple met on an airplane. Perino proposed to him outside the Washington Cathedral, while he was flying to London. The couple later moved to Manhattan and have been married for 16 years. The couple have no children.

Peter McMahon is a businessman and was born in England. He met Perino in 1997 and they were married in 1998. They honeymooned in Santorini. Peter is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has brown eyes. Peter has a lot of experience in supply chain management and industrial relations.

After the wedding, the couple reportedly lost Jasper, the dog they had together. McMahon proposed to Perino 11 months after they first met. The couple married 11 months later and Perino’s parents weren’t told until the reception. Perino was 25 when she met McMahon and she was working as a co-host of “The Five” at the time. McMahon, however, was 43 when they got married. The couple now lives in New York City and has a home in New Jersey.

After working at the White House as a spokeswoman for President George W. Bush, she spent some time in South Africa. In April 2009, Perino took up a role as a contributor at Fox News. As a spokeswoman, her primary task was to coordinate with President Bush on issues relating to the environment. She was very good at assessing situations and came up with solutions.

Dana Perino is a successful American journalist. She earned $6 million in 2016 and is expected to earn $10 million in 2022. She has held several prominent positions in the media and is a respected figure in the media. She is a co-host of the daily briefing and a co-host of a podcast called Perino & Stirewalt.