After being terminated from the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks, Sarah Jayne Dunn has now joined an adult-only subscription website called OnlyFans. In a video interview , the actress says she has stopped reading direct messages from people who sent her sexy images. However, she said she had received a lot of support from women who had supported her in the past and believes that OnlyFans is a safer place to post.

Apparently, the decision to sign up to OnlyFans has prompted the Hollyoaks producers to fire the actress, as a result of the scandal. It was previously reported that Sarah Jayne Dunn earned PS120k a year from her acting in Hollyoaks but has now received several offers worth PS7,200 a day from OnlyFans.

Despite the controversy surrounding the actress’s decision to sign up to the adult-only site OnlyFans, Sarah Jayne Dunn has been receiving a lot of support for her move. The actress has over 700 subscribers on OnlyFans, which she earns up to PS7200 per day. She is allegedly making PS7,200 a day and is now taking back control of her life.

The actress is now earning PS7,200 a day from OnlyFans. In the last week alone, she has received over 700 OnlyFans subscribers, each of which costs PS15. This is an amazing amount of cash for such a young actress. If only her fans could see the pictures she receives, she’d probably never get enough money to quit her job.

The actress has been a part of Hollyoaks for 15 years, and despite being paid PS120k per year from her acting, she has only made PS7200 a week through OnlyFans. Her decision to join the adult-only site has sparked a backlash from fans who claim that it’s a scam. And even though it’s hard to imagine her deleting onlyFans subscribers, it’s a huge achievement for a single actress.

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Since joining OnlyFans, Sarah Jayne Dunn has reportedly raked in PS7,200 a week. Her Instagram followers can expect her to earn up to PS7,200 a day, thanks to her subscriptions. She also says that she has received support from fans and believes that OnlyFans is a safer place to promote her work. She has received hundreds of offers since leaving Hollyoaks.

The Instagram vlogger had the same experience. Her fans complained that onlyFans subscribers sent her messages. Eventually, she blocked the weird fan, which she has since removed from her account. OnlyFans have been a part of her success since she joined the service in 2015. They allow Emma to spread her word and get more exposure. They’ve also been forced to block onlyFans members who send unsolicited emails to other websites.

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