Amid his recovery from a rare form of leukemia, BTS member Jungkook is showing fans his killer dance moves on social media. The golden maknae posted an audio message on Instagram to reassure fans that he is fine and will be back on the stage at the Grammys. In addition to the post, Jungkook has updated fans on his health, and he has reassured fans with his amazing performance on Instagram.

Aside from his killer dance moves, the star has also been using his solo Instagram account to make a splash. He posted a video to “Bare Wit Me” by Teyana Taylor. The singer was dressed in a black outfit and wearing a white mask. The dancer was able to resemble Teyana Taylor’s fluid movements, barely missing a step throughout the dance.

The viral video caused Twitter to go crazy, as fans commented on his killer dance moves. In addition to sharing his sexy video, Jungkook has also been making use of his solo Instagram account. He shared a one-minute clip of him singing “Hate Everything” by G. Soul, otherwise known as Golden. The clip has garnered millions of views, and has become a trending topic in the Korean music industry.

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While he is on the road to recovery, Jungkook has also been proving that he has the skills to be a star in his own right. He recently performed the English version of the rapper Golden’s “Bare Wit Me” and received a positive diagnosis. The video became a topic of discussion on Twitter. However, there were a few glitches.

While he is undergoing treatment for his illness, he is also keeping his social media accounts up to date. On his solo Instagram account, Jungkook has been making excellent use of the platform. He has shared a one-minute video of him singing “Hate Everything” by Golden and G. Soul. The emcee-as-inspired a lot of social media users, and the video soon went viral.

The news of Jungkook’s illness was reported in the media today. He got tested on March 28 after his last concert in Las Vegas. He was diagnosed with COVID-19, a type of virus that affects the lungs. He was under self-quarantine, and his health has not improved since. In the meantime, the emcee has returned to his usual role and is promoting the rest of the group through his Instagram.

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