The actor, who is still in Hollyoaks, has split from the show after her bosses failed to come to a mutual agreement. The actress has a website, OnlyFans, which is aimed at over-18s. The site is now under fire after several of its pictures leaked online. The scandal has led to a series of public outrage, with fans calling her ‘devastated’.

Despite warnings from the soap’s bosses, Sarah Jayne Dunn, the actress who played Mandy Richardson on Hollyoaks, refused to remove her OnlyFans account and vowed to delete the posts. The only way she could have avoided this scandal is by agreeing to remove the posts from the website. The ‘devastated’ actress has no plans to return to Hollyoaks, but she is aware of her social media following the controversy.

After being dropped from Hollyoaks, Sarah Jayne Dunn refused to delete the ‘racier’ images posted on the site. The actress remained silent for days before finally making a statement. The actress’ rep has been contacted for comment. She is ‘devastated’ that her photos have leaked and is unable to delete them.

The drama has been hit by the recent scandal. The actress has previously said she was in control of her OnlyFans account and only started posting steamy snaps last year. The scandal has caused huge embarrassment for her family. Earlier this month, Sarah Jayne Dunn was sacked from Hollyoaks for her’sexy’ online habits.

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Jeremy Edwards has spoken out against the decision of Hollyoaks to sack Sarah Jayne Dunn. The actress was also forced to quit the show after her ‘onlyFans’ account was leaked online. The ‘exclusive’ photos are being sold to fans for a price, and the show has not acted to delete the pictures.

The scandal has also sparked a public debate about the ethical value of such images. While it is highly unlikely that the X-rated images have any meaning for the viewers, the actress has made it clear that she is upset with this decision. OnlyFans photos of Sarah Jayne Dunn have been made available on the internet. Moreover, the onlyFans photos of the Hollyoaks star were taken from her account, causing her ‘devastation and anger’ among her fans.

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She was ‘devastated’ after signing up to the website, saying: “At this point, we have to accept that we are not the ones judging others.” OnlyFans was set up by the actor after the scandal broke. In fact, the network isn’t even aware of it. OnlyFans is a “fan club” of the actress’s family.