Basketball star Ben Simmons confirmed his engagement to Maya Jama on Tuesday night, when she was spotted in Philadelphia sporting a massive diamond ring on her ring finger. The couple have been dating for seven months and walked hand-in-hand as she wore a matching oversized sweater and leggings. The NBA star was also wearing a quirky pair of Croc shoes – complete with socks – which she was also seen sporting.

The two were photographed wearing matching workout gear at a charity ball in Philadelphia, where Ben had purchased a large diamond ring. The pair kept the news low-key, and Ben had only informed the rest of Maya’s family in a small gathering. A tattoo artist shared a picture of the ring with the caption “We’re engaged!” on Instagram. Since then, there has been no official confirmation from the couple, but the ring was worth around £600k.

During the holiday season, Ben Simmons proposed to Maya Jama, confirming the rumoured engagement. The couple have only told friends and family members so far. The ring is estimated to be worth more than £600,000. The couple have been dating for seven months. The proposal was made over the festive season, and Maya’s huge engagement ring was spotted after a gym session.

Ben and Maya have been dating for eight months. The ring was reportedly purchased in Philadelphia’s famous diamond district. It’s been said that the ring is worth around PS600,000. It is also reported that the couple proposed over the Christmas holidays and kept it low-key. Despite the rumours of an engagement, Maya Jama has kept the news private, choosing not to tell her parents.

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The engagement was announced by Ben Simmons during his holiday vacation to Los Angeles. The ring was a surprise to the couple. The NBA star is known for his ‘fearless’ attitude. The fiancee had been dating the British TV presenter for eight months. She is also a big fan of rapper Beyonce. But her love story is not over yet.

It is a shock that the couple have been together for almost a year. The couple have been linked since June and were spotted together in London’s Sexy Fish restaurant. They even kissed in front of the world media at Wimbledon. Both women have previous relationships, including with Stormzy and Kendall Jenner. She also dated rapper Stormzy. However, these two split up in 2017

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