The sacked Hollyoaks actress has been stripping off for fans online on racy website OnlyFans, which is a service that is available to 18-year-olds only. The racy posts were reportedly taken by a fan who complained that Dunn had made the images on her own. As a result, the soap’s producers have decided to cut her from future episodes. Despite the controversy, fans have praised her work and her commitment to the show.

The actress took a dig at the soap after being axed from the show. She published a series of photos on her own profile on the social network OnlyFans, in which she showed a side-by-side comparison of two of the racy shots with the one she posed for in her OnlyFans photo. This is a scathing shot at the production team for allowing cast members to engage in racy images on such a platform.

In another shocking piece of content, the actress compares pictures of herself from a lads magazine with photos taken of her on OnlyFans. The racy pictures were uploaded to OnlyFans after her contract with the soap was terminated. Nevertheless, Dunn is still sticking to her social networking profile after she was sacked from Hollyoaks.

The article cites several sources including Varley and B, who defended Hollyoaks. Both women wrote a piece on the drama. She also mentioned Channel Four Television Corporation and E4. Both writers defended the actress’ actions. The actress’s stance on Black Lives Matter was also disingenuous, according to the sacked star’s comments.

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In response to the report, the actress posted a video on the Adult subscription website OnlyFans. Despite her racy, Dunn earns PS120k a year in a recurring role in the soap. OnlyFans has also made a mockery of the soap, which has a reputation for its racy.

The controversial post was made by the actress on her Instagram account. The post also contained pictures of her and another actress on the soap. The racy photos were published on the site after the soap’s 25th anniversary. The actress is no longer appearing in the show. The racy photo she posted is deleted. She says she will not be fired.

After she was sacked from the soap, she has continued to tweet about the show’s racy content. She has also sacked her co-stars on her Facebook page, claiming that “Sarah Jayne Dunn’s sexually harassed former co-stars have made ‘their racy posts’ public.