In her cozy home, Danniella Westbrook’s four years after she became homeless

Daniella Westbrook has provided fans with an inside look at her cozy looking home

Former EastEnders actor was in a state of poverty and on welfare for four years however, she’s now changed her circumstances and is living in a house she’s proud to claim as her home.

Then, she took fans on a trip through the kitchen of her home, she stated: “It’s so good to be home, I love my house it’s so clean.”

The 48-year-old posted this video via the Instagram post with a caption that reads over top of the post: “Its nice to be home I love my cottage I have so much to do this week and a lovely weekend chilling planned in a clean cozy cottage”.

Danniella showed off her neat kitchen counters, as well as her tiny area of home-like happiness.

She boasted of having underfloor heating while she turned her smartphone around the room, displaying the numerous pictures she’s planning to display in order for those special accents.

In addition to photos of her with close family members and friends, Danniella also showed a cute sign that reads “The Westies” printed on the back.

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One photo showed her standing in her underwear with words written on the top.

In explaining the snap the girl said: “And that one is for me. Don’t worry about my life ’cause it just ain’t for you.”

This actress was happy to have completed the negative Covid test, was also enjoying candles on and sage burning to make her room more inviting and rid her home from “toxic” energy.