Kanye West is upset that Pete Davidson has Kim Kardashians name tattooed on him, but he wants it removed. The rapper sent a text message to the star requesting an audience. In the message, Kanye said he would meet with Davidson ‘face to face’ and he agreed. The two were spotted kissing on Sunday in Los Angeles, where the two filmed SNL.

According to sources, Pete Davidson has the Kardashian name tattooed on his chest. He reportedly got it done when Kim was pregnant. The tattoo was found in deleted texts that the teen posted on Instagram. Despite the fact that he has a small tat of Kim Kardashian on his chest, fans are speculating that it could be an inside joke. Regardless of the story, fans are happy to see Pete getting a special tattoo of their favorite celebrity.

The photo of Davidson in bed with Kim was shared on Instagram by a fan. While the tattoo isn’t officially inked, many fans thought it was a reference to Kim Kardashian, who founded SKIMS. Meanwhile, some speculated that Kim had inked him to show her support. The pair have been dating for a while, but their relationship has never been very secretive.

After the rumors of Kim Kardashian’s tattooed name, Davidson decided to make it official on Instagram. The couple are now officially dating after she filed for divorce from Kanye West. The pictures also show Pete’s other relationships. He is a successful musician and has more than 70 tattoos. He has a peace sign on his left side in honor of Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album.

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In another recent photo, the comedian gave fans a glimpse of his tattooed name. He has been very open about his relationship with Kim Kardashian and has not hid it from fans. Unlike most celebrities, Pete Davidson has over 70 tattoos. His latest one shows a heart around her name. After the photo was posted, he replied to Kanye with a ‘peace’ and revealed the new tattoo on his body.

The star’s new tattoo was spotted on his left upper chest. It’s believed that Davidson was inspired by the name of Kim Kardashian because he has a crush on her. In his recent posts, he has also been accompanied by his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. The singer’s name is also inked on her arm. As a result, she has probably had it tattooed on herself.

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