Lauren Goodger Taking 'Small Steps' to 'Piece Her Life Back Together'

Lauren Goodger’s exit from TOWIE was a shock to fans and the public, but the star is now taking small steps’ to put herself back together. In this article, she discusses the treatment she received at Cosmetics in Essex and her first night out in almost two years.

Lauren Goodger’s exit from TOWIE

Lauren Goodger is reportedly considering a return to TOWIE after the birth of her second daughter. The actress has not been seen on the show since series 19 in 2016, although she appeared in the Christmas special. However, she has not returned since then and her reps have declined to comment on the matter.

After leaving the show, Lauren Goodger has been the subject of a flurry of gossip. She’s also been a frequent target for harsh criticism on social media. She recently revealed that her exit from TOWIE was the result of body image issues. She has admitted to suffering from genuine insecurities about her looks and she wants to stay away from the public eye until she feels comfortable with her looks.

Lauren Goodger’s exit from TOWITE has led to a series of rumours and speculation that she may join Dancing on Ice. The actress has been a member of the show for six series. It has been reported that she is planning a make or break meeting with the producers later this week.

Her relationship with Charles Drury

Despite the recent break-up between Lauren Goodger and her ex-husband, Charles Drury, the star has been looking forward to a rekindled romance. She is currently 16 weeks pregnant with her second child. The couple, who split in October last year, co-parented their young daughter, Larose, during the relationship. After the birth of her daughter, Lauren reportedly fell pregnant eight weeks later. Although she claimed she would never get back with Charles, she has been spotted out and about in Essex where she had been getting beauty treatments.

Lauren Goodger’s partner has a history of dating older women. He has previously dated Katie Price, a former glamour model. But after the baby’s death, Lauren’s partner began dating a younger woman, Charles Drury.

Her treatment at Cosmetics in Essex

Lauren Goodger’s recent pregnancy news has caused some concern. She was rumoured to have undergone several treatments at a cosmetics clinic in Essex including filler on her nose and lips and Botox. However, her relationship with her partner is still strained. She had two pregnancies back-to-back and was left feeling “stressed out” and unable to cope with the pain.

Lauren Goodger is taking small steps to put her life back together after losing her daughter. Her daughter Larose was just over a year old when the accident took place. Eight weeks later, she became pregnant again and gave birth to another daughter, but tragically, Lorena died shortly after birth. Lauren Goodger has suffered immense pain after losing Lorena. She has been taking steps to’recover and find herself again’, including treating herself to fillers and Botox.

Her first night out in two years

Lauren Goodger celebrated her birthday with a night out in Los Angeles on April 18. The actress, 35, posted a video of herself arriving at the event’s venue and accompanied by her friends. She captioned it with, “how cool”. The event comes just months after she revealed that her second child had passed away, leaving her emotionally broken.

Lauren Goodger is celebrating her friend’s 30th birthday on her first night out since giving birth to her second child, Larose. In the video, Lauren shares a picture of her daughter Larose crawling on the floor, playing with her mother, who is also holding her.

Her relationship with the father of her children

Lauren Goodger has recently admitted that she is struggling with grief after the death of her second child, Lorena. The baby girl, who was due in July, died from complications during her birth. Her boyfriend, Charles Drury, was arrested in connection with the death, but was later released on bail. Lauren is currently staying with friends, as she continues to grieve the loss of her daughter.

Earlier this year, Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury, the actor who plays Charles in ‘The Only Way is Essex’, confirmed their relationship. In a video posted to Instagram, Lauren can be seen driving with her partner. Charles is wearing a black padded jacket and a logo-emblazoned beanie hat.