Katie Price Fooled by Simple Maths Trick She Claims 'Experts Can't Explain'


Katie Price was recently fooled by a simple maths trick on Instagram. Having described the trick as ‘amazing’, she could not believe she had been duped. The royal couple only became Prince and Princess of Wales a few days ago, but even Katie Price could not understand her own error.

Katie Price’s maths blunder

Katie Price has made a major maths blunder. The former Miss Universe posted an “amazing” trick on Instagram, only to discover later that she had made a huge mistake. She had been working on a shoot for a magazine called OnlyFans when she posted the photo. She explained that the trick was “so weird,” but in the end, it was just a simple mathematics ploy disguised as a conundrum. Katie Price’s mistake was so large that she couldn’t believe she had made it.

Katie Price’s ‘dash’ to Spain for OF shoot

Katie Price jetted off to Spain this week for a shoot with her online magazine OnlyFans. While she was away from the UK, she visited her ill mum Amy. Amy was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, and the couple had moved to Spain to enjoy the warmer weather.

‘Experts’ can’t explain’ maths trick

A simple maths trick fooled celebrity Katie Price on Instagram. The reality TV star posted an “amazing” sum to her 2.6 million followers and claimed it was “so strange.” The “strange” number was actually a simple maths trick dressed up as a conundrum. The trick claimed that everyone on earth was the same age today. She also claimed the entire world is equal.