Lauren Goodger's Heartache As Her Bump 'Isn't Shifting' After Newborn's Death

The first thing many new mothers-to-be are concerned about is the growth of their bump. Lauren Goodger, 28, recently gave birth to her daughter, Lorena, on July 8 but the baby died from the umbilical cord wrapping around her newborn’s neck. The mother said that she feels awful but was trying to put on a brave face for her older daughter Larose.

Lauren Goodger’s tummy ‘isn’t shifting’ after newborn’s death

It’s been almost two weeks since the death of baby Lorraine, but Lauren Goodger is still holding onto the hope of having another baby. Her contractions began two days after her waters broke, but she couldn’t hear her child’s heartbeat. Tamzin, her midwife, called the hospital and an ambulance was dispatched. The doctor who delivered Lorena was unable to save her. Lauren, who had planned home birth, said she had not even had the chance to hear her baby’s heartbeat when the tests were conducted.

The reality is that many women are experiencing the same feelings. Lauren Goodger shared her heartache in a recent interview with OK! magazine. The news came just days after she lost her newborn daughter, Lorena, to a fatal umbilical cord wrap. “I feel terrible,” Lauren said, adding that she wanted to put up a brave face for her older daughter Larose.

Her heart stopped beating

After the heartbreaking news of her daughter’s death, Lauren Goodger has demanded a post-mortem on her newborn. The actress has been campaigning for a thorough investigation into the incident. After giving birth to her first child, Lauren was classified as a low-risk mother. In fact, the midwife was unable to detect a heartbeat on the unborn child, which made her feel hopeless. Lauren and her husband, Charles, are raising their 11-month-old daughter, Larose. During their recent Sun interview, Lauren has opened up about the tragic event and asked for justice for her daughter.

Lauren Goodger is preparing for her baby’s funeral. After the baby’s death, she has been surrounded by family and friends. She has been able to make some progress. While she is planning the funeral, her mother-to-be, Charles, is also putting a lot of effort into preparing for the upcoming memorial. Both of them are in pieces, and they know they have a long journey ahead of them.

Her waters broke on July 6

Lauren Goodger’s heartache as her bump ‘isn’t shifting’ has prompted her to ask for answers. After losing her newborn to an accident, she isn’t ready to think about having another child yet. She even said that she wouldn’t try a natural delivery. But she is desperate for answers. After all, her heart was broken by the loss of her boyfriend Jake McLean earlier in July.

After losing her newborn, Lauren Goodger has revealed that she still feels the baby’s presence in her bump. While the bump has not yet begun to shift, she has been feeling heartache for a few days now. In an interview with OK! magazine, Goodger opened up about her loss and revealed that she still feels the baby in her belly. Despite this, she still feels like she is carrying her little girl.
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Her tummy ‘isn’t shifting’

During her interview with OK! magazine, Lauren Goodger discussed her heartache after her newborn, Lorena, died. Lauren said she still feels bad, but wanted to keep a brave face for her older daughter, Larose, who was still in the hospital. However, her bump ‘isn’t shifting’ after the death of her newborn.

During the two-hour labor, ten doctors tried to save Lorena, but she died. The doctors administered adrenaline and chest compressions, but the baby didn’t survive. Lauren’s partner, Charlie, helped clean the birthing pool and plans to donate the proceeds to a baby loss charity. Lauren is also curious about the cause of the baby’s death. To find out the cause, she has requested an autopsy.