The actress Lauren Goodger has been stepping out in public since announcing her second pregnancy. She stepped out in a skin-tight beige jumpsuit to pick up some fruit and make her way to M&S. She appeared to be in good spirits and was wearing full make-up. The t-shirt also showed off her baby bump.

The actress stepped out in casual sweats after announcing her second pregnancy. It is the first time she has been seen out in casual sweats since announcing the news. The pregnancy comes as Amy Gilbert is receiving vile messages from online trolls. The actress and comedian Charles Drury were involved in a brief relationship in the fall but split up in November.

After announcing her pregnancy, Goodger has remained mum-to-be to her second child. After splitting from her boyfriend Charlie Drury in November, she has been spotted wearing a pair of jogging pants, T-shirts and a cropped sweater. She was reportedly so happy with the new arrival that she kicked him out of the house a few days later. But despite the vile messages, she has been able to move on with her life and has begun to take care of her children.

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The actress has been stepping out in public after announcing her pregnancy. The hot weather was too much for her to be comfortable, and she opted for a boob tube and sunglasses. The brunette hair hung loosely around her shoulders and she sported a pout in the photo. A few days after announcing her second pregnancy, Lauren Goodger has been posting pictures of herself at various events in casual sweats.

The actress has been seen in casual sweats in her first public appearance since announcing her second pregnancy. The actress had her hair done and appeared to be in a good mood as she stepped out with her boyfriend, Charles Drury. Afterwards, she wore her hair in loose curls and a boob tube with sunglasses attached on the front.

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The actress wore a fake eyelash and barefaced on her face in the first public appearance since announcing her second pregnancy. Her baby is expected in the spring of 2021 and she and Charles have been dating since 2020. However, the couple were dating for some time, but the alleged affair did not go through, so the couple still have a long way to go.