A former Little Mix star is turning heads in Hollywood in a pair of baggy camouflage dungarees and a trendy neck choker. Wearing a matching white bra and black skinny jeans, she finished off the look with a cross pendant necklace. In a recent Instagram post, Jesy showed off her outfit, sharing two glimpses of her ensemble. In the second, she posed outside while toting a Balenciaga bag.

In a series of selfies, the singer-turned-actress turned heads in a pair of denim dungarees from Tommy Hilfiger. She also wore a white bikini top, a miniature Balenciaga bag, and Nike Air Force trainers. She wore soft waves down to her waist and added a minimal amount of makeup, including a brown eye shadow and a matte nude lipstick.

The singer/actress was in LA to shoot a music video for her new album. She looked extremely focused during the session, wearing shades the entire time. Her hair was piled high and her sunglasses were on top of it all. Her make-up was simple and subtle, and her makeup was minimal. The pig tail buns were the only accessories she was sporting. However, the dreadlocks accentuated the tiger-like crotch.

The sultry singer shared her outfit pictures on Instagram. She looked super cute in a pair of dungarees and a tan mini-Balenciaga bag. Her hair was worn in soft waves down to her waist and her makeup was softly applied with a hint of brown and nude lipstick. She is a true icon in the music industry and is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

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The former Little Mix member recently departed the group to focus on her health. Despite the infamous criticism of her former bandmates, Nelson has remained true to her word, and has even responded to the comments of her former bandmates. She stepped out in her dungarees and revealing her abs for the cameras. This sexy look has gotten her a lot of social media buzz and she is not shy about showing off her body.

She stepped out of Little Mix last December to focus on her health. She hasn’t sported her long hair in her recent videos, but she has since removed it to avoid controversy. In an Instagram post, Nelson reveals her hairstyle change to her followers. She typically wears it down her shoulders and keeps it in curls. Nonetheless, her bare chest is a key part of her image.

In another Instagram post, the singer showed off her new look by wearing dungarees while shopping for a hat. She opted to wear shades while recording her new song. In her Instagram post, she also revealed the cover artwork for her new single, “Dungarees & Duggies” featuring Nicki Minaj. Those fans who were upset with her decision immediately blocked her.

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