KI aka King Nikeh official image in gray hoodie

KI, aka King Nikeh, is a young independent artist who was born in West Africa and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. KI is an ambitious youngster who began by having nothing and being nothing. However, the passion to get rid of his miserable life and the love for music that he had since his childhood took him to a greater level. He is now one of the strongest emerging artists in the music industry, having more than 58k followers on social media and 1.9k subscribers on YouTube. His music is getting the attention of worldwide music lovers. His techniques and style of rapping have helped him a lot in getting the love of millions of fans.

To date, KI has dropped many hit songs, and the latest one is “I Can Do It,” which is a fine piece of music. It is a motivational song for all the down-hearted people. KI specially dedicated this song to people who are feeling low and are going to quit. The lyrics are so wonderfully composed that they feed positive strength to the soul.

The music video was released six days ago and has already gained over 28K views and over 800 likes on YouTube. Moreover, the comment section under it is full of love from his fans. Many are thanking him for releasing the amazing music. Click here for the song’s link.

The Beginning of KI

KI has not always been at the top since the beginning and has had to grind for every little thing in life. He faced many issues, i.e., financial and others, due to being brought up by a single mother. He knew the struggles a low-class person has to face and, hence, began trying ways to get rid of them in the future. He wanted to give a wonderful life to his mother more than he wanted it for himself. Since his childhood, he has been more ambitious and hardworking due to his fear of living a troubled life and never returning to the same poor life.

KI was already in love with music, so he began working on it. At the age of 7, he wrote his first song, and a new journey began from there. The fact that he realized the troubles of his mother and his own life at such a young age tells us he was more intellectual than average. The first time he wrote a verse of a song while playing with his friend, he fell in love with music more deeply.

The Biggest Tragedy/Challenge of KI’s Life

While he was struggling to become a fine rapper, he faced terrible tragedy. He lost his best friend to death. He was the same friend with whom he began all the music work. He was that friend with whom he wrote the first-ever song at the age of seven. Overcoming that pain was the biggest challenge of his life. However, being a youngster, KI handled it very well as he channeled the pain into music. KI stated: “I’m not only doing this music just for me, but it’s also for him too, and all the hours we put into practicing and working on our dream, so it does not go to waste.”

Future plans

KI shared that he is going to release his next song with the collaboration of Nigerian superstar Tekno Miles. However, the date has not been announced yet. To keep track of the next song, follow KI on Instagram.