JV Darapsinga official image in white clothes and white hat

Everyone is born with different kinds of talents, and singing is something that not everyone is capable of doing. Singing is considered both a talent and a natural skill. An artist is considered a good singer if he can convey certain feelings through him when he sings. JV Darapsinga was born in Boston, Mass and he was also raised there. He started music when he was very young, at the age of 17. He got into music when he started experiencing all painful feelings, all painful emotions started devouring him and music became his saviour. He started putting all those feelings into music. Maybe that is why so many people like it because they can relate to him.


After having his dream crushed, his dream of becoming a basketball player. He started exploring his inner talents and that is when he came across music, a very small number of people were able to sing. Some people just naturally have a more resonant or pleasant-sounding singing voice, JV Darapsinga is among those talented people. 

With the talent of singing JV Darapsinga is also a songwriter, rapper, producer, filmmaker, and owner of JAESTAR FILMZ LLC. He is a man with many talents. He is inspired by so many artists, artists like Donell Jones, Tony Thompson D Angelo, Intro, Playa, R Kelly, Usher, and Jay Z among others have become sources of inspiration for him. 


Ever since JV Darapsinga stepped his foot in the music industry he has made a lot of songs. In 2004 he was featured in a song with Mobb Deep and Boston rapper Dre Robinson. And he has worked with multiple producers too, including Legendary Dj Ron G, Explixit One, Jared Hancock, Jetson, and he has also produced a handful of records. Achievements after achievements, surely a man full of talents.JV Darapsinga dropped his album on May 8 2020 named “I Am Javon”.His single “Summer nights” was the very first single that gained a lot of attention and people of the United States of America were going crazy about it. He is very thankful to the DJs that showed their genuine love to him, because of this he was able to build a strong network across seas during the drop of “Summer nights”

JV Darapsinga image while he is singing

For “Can I come over” this record is produced by him and for this, he is again very thankful to the DJs. His other track “Run it” ft his son Tey Phantom has very catchy tunes in it. His album “I Am Javon ” surely did a great job. With this album he wanted people to simply know his real name. With “I am Javon ” he sold over 40,000 units independently. You can stream this album on Apple music


As of 2022 JV Darapsinga  is working on so many things, his upcoming project is a 5 track EP called the J.O.A.T jack of all trades summer 2022. Fans aren’t ready for what is about to come in 2022. Everyone is excited, don’t forget to check his Spotify and Youtube. We all are looking forward to it. Follow him on his Twitter and Instagram, to remain updated about his latest projects.