Actress Katie Price is getting ready to undergo the most extreme surgery of her life in an effort to get back into shape. She’s currently meeting with cosmetic surgeons to have one of her ribs removed. But she has been warned by doctors not to have the surgery, as it involves serious risks. But she’s going to go ahead with it anyway, as she has already spent hundreds of pounds on Botox injections.

After undergoing the operation, Katie’s feet are still smashed up, more so than the x-ray shows. Her feet are now beginning to heal, though it will be some time before she can walk again. Full recovery may take two years for Katie to fully recover. For now, she’s getting around on a bedazzled Barbie-pink wheelchair. The surgeries will require her to keep all of her weight off of her shattered feet.

Although doctors thought her feet were broken, the actual situation was worse than what was revealed in the x-ray. She will need to stay in bed and won’t be able to walk for three to six months, and she could need another procedure if she wants to walk again. The recovery time from this procedure will probably take two years, but it will give her plenty of time to get back to her normal self.

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The surgery that she’s planning will remove her ribs. Although cosmetic surgeons have warned her against it, she’s still determined to undergo the procedure, and says that she misses her former body and womanly curves. However, removing her ribs will leave her with a “tiny waist” and a slender hourglass figure. She plans to undergo lipo-sculpture, which is similar to liposuction.

The most extreme surgery that Katie Price’s fiance Woods is planning is a ribectomy. The procedure is extremely risky and the patient may lose a rib. It’s not possible to perform it because of the risks involved. But it’s still possible to have it done, even though most surgeons in the UK won’t do it. If she wants a tiny waist, she can have a ribectomy, but will have a smaller chin.

The most extreme surgery that Katie Price is planning will remove her ribs. The procedure is an extremely risky procedure. The ribs and the chin are cut to remove excess fat and replace them with more bone. This can cause complications and even lead to infection. Fortunately, the procedure is very safe. She will not have to undergo a second surgery, but she’ll be able to regain her full mobility and confidence.

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