Despite her fascination with the Kardashians, Britney Spears admits she doesn’t know Scott Disick or Pete Davidson. While she loved the ‘boyz night’ video posted by Scott Disick on his Instagram Story, Spears isn’t familiar with the couple. The singer reposted the video after seeing it and revealed that she did not know the pair.

When asked about her feelings on the rumoured sequel to Crossroads, Spears revealed she is not familiar with both men. However, her co-stars were relieved to hear that Britney Spears was not familiar with Scott. She also admitted that she is not familiar with the two men, but she would be open to getting to know them better. Despite being open about her relationship history, she’s said she’s happy for her co-stars to move on.

As far as the potential crossroads sequel goes, Britney Spears’ statement was surprising. The singer’s Facebook post revealed that the security guard would not let her leave the premises despite her 104-degree fever. In her comments, Spears compared the security guard’s dismissiveness to the treatment she received from her family during the 13-year conservatorship.

The pop star said she doesn’t know both of them but will watch their show together. “Saturday Night Live” is the latest reality show to premiere, but for now, Spears and Kardashian were not in the same room. Earlier this month, the two went to the Staten Island Atrium Stadium Cinema. While she was wearing a bright red jacket, Spears looked stylish in a black outfit and velvet maroon heels.

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During the interview, Spears said: “Pete Davidson is a good person, but I don’t know anything about Scott Disick.” The singer also revealed that she doesn’t know about ‘Pete Davidson’ and “Scott Disick’. The three of them have a great history and shared some of their personal lives.

Nevertheless, Spears isn’t familiar with Scott Disick and has no idea how he met her. She didn’t know the two when she first hooked up with her. The two are now dating in real life and she says that she doesn’t know her boyfriend well enough to know if he is a good match for her. So, she’s not a fan of the reality show.

Jamie Lynn Spears has spoken to ABC’s Juju Chang, revealing that Britney isn’t familiar with either of them. The singer has not been spotted with her former boyfriend since they split in 2015, and she has not been able to tell anyone about him. The truth is, she’s not that interested in the man. And she has no interest in him.

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