Following the arrest of Carl Woods, Katie Price has returned to a community service job. She has been assigned 100 hours of unpaid work. In a statement to the press, she confirmed her plea to driving while unfit, driving without insurance, and disqualified. Despite the alleged abuse, Woods has vehemently denied the allegations, accusing others of fabricating a storyline.

The former couple were seen arriving at the court hand in hand on Wednesday. Carl was wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses, while Katie was sporting a sun visor. The two were seen speaking with police officers outside the court before heading inside. Throughout the court session, the two sat in the public gallery, where they watched the proceedings. During the proceedings, Woods said nothing but his address and date of birth.

The couple are pictured arriving at the court together, hand in hand. They both wore black t-shirts and sun visors. Both were seen talking to police officers outside the court before heading inside. During the court session, Katie was seen in the public gallery, watching Carl Woods. Although Carl didn’t speak in the hearing, he did appear to confirm his date of birth and address.

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A day after their arrest, the couple returned to England to complete their community service job. Their alleged partner, Carl Woods, is also appearing in court. However, the case is still ongoing and is likely to take a long time to resolve. Nevertheless, it is expected that their relationship will continue. While they are together, they are expected to stay together. So, in the meantime, they should be focusing on their future.

Despite the recent arrest of Carl and Katie Price, both parties are still attempting to avoid court. The couple were seen arriving at the court in hand-in-hand. Neither was wearing sunglasses. Both attended the court hand-in-hand and appeared to be friendly with police officers. During the court session, they sat in the public gallery to watch Carl Woods.

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The couple’s wedding date has been set and are now waiting for their wedding license to be approved. The couple will reportedly get married in the coming days. But their marriage is in jeopardy as they were caught up in the scandal. During their honeymoon, they were caught drinking alcohol and drugs. But, after the couple returned home, they will return to their community service job and will get married in the coming days.