Former glamour model Katie Price has shared a throwback photo of herself and her daughter, Andre. The two twins were clad in dull gold, and the photo made their fans melt. In the photo, Price gushed over her child while wearing a gold top and a large bun. It’s clear that the couple is still in love, as the caption reads: “4 years.” The actress captioned the photo with three heart emojis, which prompted her fans to comment with love and concern.

The former Love Island contestant also shared a photo of herself and her daughter, wearing matching makeup. The sexy snap features both parents in their signature red lipstick, bronzer, and heavy eyeliner. The pair were pictured holding Coke cans, presumably the fizzy drink of choice. Although the photo is unrelated to the rumored pregnancy, it’s clear that the two are enjoying motherhood and being together.

Despite the recent rumours of a marriage between the star and Carl Woods, Katie Price has remained firmly single. The former Love Island host has reunited with her children after a trip to the USA, where she posed with a Love Island contestant. The sexy mum has three children with ex-husband Peter Andre. She also has a daughter, Princess, 14, and a son, Harvey, 19.

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Princess wore a ponytail with her mum in a recent Instagram snap. The two looked adorable as the posed together in Dubai. Andre’s hair was in a high ponytail, and she matched her mother’s hair with a red top and pink blush. The mother and daughter also shared a can of Coke and a cream-coloured co-rd set. A picture of their adorableness is worth a thousand words.

The Love Island contestant and Katie Price have reunited after a trip to the USA. The new mum shared a photo with her eldest child, named Harvey, on Thursday, showing the two with full makeup. The image was taken behind the scenes, and the two posed for the camera. Both women wore red lipstick and heavy eyeliner. The picture was captioned with a heart, and Bunny held a can of Coke.

In a recent Instagram post, Katie Price and her daughter appeared to be in full makeup. Bunny, the daughter of her second husband, wore a white hoodie and baseball cap. The two looked as if they were about to share a kiss. The two shared a hug in the picture, and the two were seen holding hands. They looked gorgeous as Bunny and her mother looked in matching lipsticks.

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